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A key part of 'World Learning' at Avid Kids Circle across preschool or after-school is an exposure to international foods. Children not only learn to eat healthy but will also indulge in hands-on cooking experiences. Learning to plan, gather ingredients, follow steps of a recipe, transform ingredients into an edible creation intersects math, science, art, world learning, culture along with development of cognitive, social and physical gross or fine motor skills. Most of all there is the joy of imagination, creation and consumption involved!
Food allergies and preferences of families will be accommodated.
Our menu plans for the month are shared with parents. You can review our menu archives below. The meals are balanced, healthy, provide a diversity of textures and tastes to develop the child's palate and knowledge. Social eating and enjoying food is very much one of the pillars of the program. The meals are all fresh and home cooked. Please raise any meal related clarifications during the tour.
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