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Our Philosophy

Avid Kids Circle is founded by Vrinda Mushran, a mom, lifelong learner, and former software developer, with very simple principles:

Life is about journeys, not destinations
Life is about effort not just rewards
Life is about cherishing and nourishing our unique being

Vrinda lives her life by these principles. Being from a family of educators, and a mom of two young boys, Avid Kids Circle is her endeavor to transition from software development to young learners' development and enrichment. A firm believer in nurturance, active environments, and, above all, an enthusiastic 'can do' spirit, Vrinda aims for Avid Kids Circle to be a constructive hands-on program inspired by Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia as well as some invaluable lessons from her upbringing in India. Having raised both boys as a full-time working mother, managing 24/7 production systems and 24/7 parenting needs, Vrinda is well versed in the life of working Bay Area parents. Avid Kids Circle stems from her desire to be the support that she had when her kids were young.

Avid Kids Circle is here to add a fresh perspective and to partner with like-minded parents, who wish to inculcate these principles in their children from a young age.

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