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Preschool Program
(Currently Enrolling)
The year-round full-day preschool program is offered for children 12 months (if walking) to 5 years of age. Full-time preschool hours are 9 AM - 5 PM. Extended hours at extra cost can be elected between 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM. The 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM extension is not being used currently due to lack of demand but should you need this, please discuss extension needs during your tour.

Children will participate in the mixed-age classroom where they will be learning through active viewing, engaging, and facilitating. Over time, they will gain experience, independence, and confidence in the areas shared below and many more.

As mentioned in the overview and philosophy, the goal is for Avid Kids Circle to be a learning space where children are free to ask questions, wonder, and learn answers through active experimentation and discovery. There will be a balance of direction and self-direction. There will also be a mix of individualized learning with group and social learning.
Sample Preschool Day


8:30 AM                 

9:00 AM                 

9:30 AM                 

10:30 AM               

11:00 AM               

12:30 AM               

1:00 PM                 


Early Drop-off (if elected)

Free Play


Snack Break

Outdoor Activity

Group Activity/Lunch Prep



2:00 PM                 

3:00 PM                 

3:30 PM                 

4:00 PM                 

4:30 PM                 

5:00 PM                 

5:30 PM                 


Nap Start

Early Wake Up/Extra Nap

Evening Snack

Indoor Free Play

Reading/Indoor/Outdoor Free Play


Extended Pickup (if offered)

Sounds and Reading

Like smell and touch, hearing is an early sense to develop. Recognition and repetition of sounds through listening or talking lays the foundation for alphabet recognition, self-reading and writing. 

Science or Cooking

With a live kitchen as our science lab, our preschoolers will be busy experimenting and learning botany, zoology, chemistry, matters of physics and more. The fun will be attempting edible experiments!


Art reinforces color recognition, allows a sensory outlet for shapes and spatial visualization. It develops fine motor and social skills via group play, We explore it in its many forms: painting, crafting, clay modeling, coloring, tracing, outlining, weaving patterns, chalk, scissor skills/cutting, pin poking and more. Through diverse media and mechanics every week, children develop a keen and independent eye for detail and personalizing what art means to them.

Alphabet Recognition & Writing

Alphabets are introduced through phonics or sounds and visual aids. Tracing letter and reading them together develop writing skills.

World Around Us

Learning about the world, culture, history—all of it–comes together with science and cooking! Through eating international foods, we will learn about our world, continents, countries, states, cities and more. 


Music is explored through singing, rhymes, clapping, beats, dancing, following rhythms or movements, exposure to musical instruments, listening and reciting world music and more. We follow the 3-year curriculum of the Music Together in School Program. Music comes alive in the classroom every week through resonant bells, triangles, shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves, colorful parachute, stretchy bands, clappers, tamborines and more. 

Math Visualized

Math surrounds us...ticking clock, shapes, measurements, miles driven, steps walked, games played, cooking, music or movement. Children will realize and make these connections, learn simple numerical, arithmetic or geometric shape concepts.

Outdoor Parks n Trails

One of the joys of living in an 'island' community like Redwood Shores is the parks, trails and open spaces available just steps away. We will take advantage of our outdoor environment through assisted walks or on wheels.

Screen Shot 2024-04-07 at 11.36.39 PM.png

Mindfulness or Emotional Intelligence/EQ building is critical from a young age to build social skills, skillful situation/challenge/stress management abilities, and personal/peer awareness building. It is important to balance a sense of self with sensitivity to others in the child's universe. The weekly Mindfulness lesson includes singing, chanting, listening to a singing bowl, physical-motor games, reading, breath awareness and diversity, yoga, quiet moments balanced with movements, lying down, listening, observing, and more.

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