Mindfulness Today, Halloween Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Halloween. We look forward to it. Parents are welcome to hang in should they wish but we purposefully do not do a parade. The children come in at disparate times given personal routines and schedules. Teacher Vrinda feels that children enjoy most when they are not rushed so tomorrow they can wear costumes if they want and for as long as they choose. Simple and practical dressups are best. No masks and scary outfits please. No costumes will be worn during snack/meal times or during rest. Now to notes from the mindfullness lesson from Teacher Deepti: “We all sat in a circle and listened to the singing bowl very quietly. We are learning to follow directions. I see a lot of my little friends getting better at it! We continued reading the book with Mrs K and inhaled at count of 1 and exhaled at count of 2. We practiced breathing with our eyes closed. Teacher Vrinda got bubble timers for all of us, so we enjoyed seeing different color, shapes and size bubbles go down with soft music playing in the background. We are learning to balance our energy centers by doing some chants on exhale. The loud, synchronized chants calm our minds and relax our bodies. We pretended sitting like a frog on lily pad, jumping and then sitting still so that we don't fall into the pretend pond. As always, towards the end we all lay down with our eyes closed, imagining ourselves in a beautiful garden, with flowers all around. Our friend, Butterfly comes into the garden and she is there to listen to whatever we want to share. The idea is to build confidence and self esteem so that they can express to the outside world! Happy Halloween!” Finally enjoy some captures of singing organized by Teacher Ranjini in the evening. The performers and audience both took turns and had fun. Until tomorrow. 







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