Hello February...and whoa dogs!

Now I am sure you would all agree this above takes some skill and physical strength! A very well behaved set of dogs they all were and the gentleman gave me a heads up way before he came any close to us. We watched the parade from within the safety of the Gazebo. This magnitude of dog walking was certainly a first for us in all these months. We wondered if it was a ‘Dog Preschool’ :)

Hope you enjoy the captures. It’s great to see Kenzie our youngest member get comfortable, smiling, interacting and getting used to the day. I love to see no hesitation in the younger ones to approach and attempt to interact with the older children and the older children are very tolerant, the mutual enjoyment continues.

Days and evenings continue to be merry regardless of Teacher Vrinda or Teacher Vasu leading the pack. We have not reached that Doggy Preschool count yet, I am sure we will get there, slowly, surely, always merrily.

See you all tomorrow...another week flies by.

Reminder for the first professional day coming up on Friday, February 16.







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