Happy Lunar New Year!

A Very Happy Lunar New Year to all Avid Kids Circle families. Saturday kicked off the 2-week long annual Lunar New Year celebrations. May the year bring happiness, good health and prosperity to all. Rat is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac and so the 12-year cycle with the rat starts this year! In the course of these 2 weeks, Teacher Vrinda will enjoy narrating the story read online about all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, why they are in that order and more about the festival.  As part of celebrating, we enjoyed pineapple moon cake, potstickers, egg pie and lotus root today. We made little lanterns which the children enjoyed collapsing-expanding. We cleaned the front porch together, our kitchens and tables and will enjoy ‘cleaning’ more parts of our classroom and toys as is traditionally done. If any families have some fun childhood memories or traditions that they would like to share and have children experience collectively, please do let Teacher Vrinda know. While we can never equate the celebrations that would happen in countries and homes, it’s lovely for the children to experience whatever they can and share these fun festivals together. Happy Lunar New Year to all of us!!






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