A Very Happy 2020!

A Very Happy New Year to all the Avid Kids Circle children, families and teachers. Teacher Vrinda hopes everybody has enjoyed the last few days of 2019 and welcomed 2020 with cheers. A new decade begins, one by the end of which even our little children today will march into their teens. Much to look back on and so much more to look forward to...most of all health, well being and happiness for each of you and your loved ones. Teacher Vrinda had a busy holiday planning for the next holiday, working and spending time with her soon to be college bound son(hopefully!), taking a short holiday on the central coast and skiing. The children were remembered very much at the Monarch Butterfly Grove, Pismo Beach, Oceano Dunes, Avila Valley Barn or the Square at Paso Robles. Visiting these are certainly recommended with little ones for a relaxing long weekend or for a weeklong holiday. The drive on Highway 1 from Pismo Beach to Monterey/Carmel was scenic! Do take the time to have the kids learn to ski or snowboard, it is an amazing feeling to come down the slopes. It never ceases to amaze what bountiful outdoors we have around us. The resolution is to continue building bridges with more families at Avid Kids Circle, be strong like mountains or flexible like the waves when needed for the children as we work on co-parenting and shaping them, and most of all treating times off valuably exploring the beauty that we are blessed with. All work and no play makes for a dull life. The school house is ready to greet back its little members. See you all on Monday. Have a relaxed first weekend of the new year! 






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