Happy Holidays!!

The year has flown

We have grown

Musically, Artfully, Mindfully

Healthfully, Playfully, Cheerfully

We lost some friends

We miss their presence

Aria, Raisa, Alexandra,

Avni, Vani, Shlok, Anushka

We know you are happy and wish you well

New friends were made

Who brighten our days

Katherine, Oliver, Parry, Naina

Aviraj, Nathan, Meera

We enjoy being with you and tests you have us take

The veterans hold the class together

And show newbies how to coexist better

Ria, Kenzie, Laasya

Ridhi and Aanya

We love how you hold the reigns forever

Teachers Olivia, Deepti, Vlada

Barbora, Vasu or Vrinda

Each makes us work harder every day

To live our lives thoughtfully

In the Avid Kids Circle way

May the turning leaves and holiday cheer be with you

May you find little moments that make you smile

With friends that make your time here worthwhile

Thank you for being part of this family

We are thrilled to be together tremendously

May we always be surrounded with

Food, Fun, Joy in plenty

May our plates always be loaded

With love and family

As we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020!

Happy Holidays to each of you and see you all soon on Monday, January 6, 2020! A new pajama day tradition was added and enjoyed merrily. Some of the new classroom toys were opened and some await for everybody to return and play again :)






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