Happy Thanksgiving!

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to each and every family that makes our small but unique Avid Kids Circle. The children had a special day filled with playing, a simplified multi-ethnic holiday meal of Italian polenta cakes, Indian galauti kebabs, American French beans and Mexican spiced sweet potato. Hot chocolate in the afternoon was a big hit as a treat and the older children are already wishing for Thanksgiving next year ;) The only two confused with hot chocolate were Parry and Nathan for whom the color and flavor was puzzling. We really missed Aviraj and Kenzie who are both on long and short vacations. We know they are having a great time with family but this family of theirs certainly wished for them. In our talk at Group Time, the children remembered their friends, moms, dads, sisters, brothers and teachers and shared their thank you with all of them. Grandparents were remembered too. They recognized how much each of their family and friends makes their life special, happy and filled with love. Teachers Olivia, Deepti, Barbora, Vlada, Vasu and Vrinda wish to share our deepest gratitude to all the families within our community. Your children enrich us daily. Thank you for sharing them with us and giving us an opportunity to share our passions with them. To some wonderful, happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving Days. 






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