Happy Veterans Day

Have an enjoyable long weekend everybody, a message especially from the youngest member of our community. It is a treat to close the week with a day full of smiles and some laughter from Meera vs the tears at the start of the week. We all appreciate the quiet engagement vs the wailing and look forward to many more fun days. She connected with many children today watching and listening. Nathan is certainly enjoying connecting with Meera...we think he is very glad to see someone younger to him that he can hold and move with :) Cheers to all of us!

Monday is a day off. Teacher Vrinda hopes everybody comes back better and recovered including herself. Aviraj-Mackenzie stayed at home today and we missed them.

One heads up. Next Friday, Professor Dr. Sarita Santos from Cañada College will be spending some part of her Friday in the classroom as an observer and share her thoughts on how we can make our classroom more inclusive and better. Teacher Vrinda is doing two ECE (early childhood education) courses with Professor Santos this semester and the visit is part of the final project in a very broad topic called Universal Design Learning. Please feel free to share any comments or concerns. Teacher Vrinda hopes to keep learning on how to create a positive learning environment for all children here.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you Tuesday.






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