Happy 2nd Birthday, Oliver!

Or rather Happy Ball Birthday, Olli! You sure are our ball boy...tracking each ball, dreaming of a ball, holding a ball and yes, having a ball too :) Happiest of happy birthdays and we look forward to seeing you grow to 3 next. As expected, for our tradition of baking a birthday cake with friends, Oliver chose a ball cake...a round red velvet ball cake. He is strong and could stir it all up and wanted to keep doing that. The cake was polished off in the evening. The after party with classroom presents was great fun. Mommy Magda and Daddy Igor, thank you for the soccer balls, Ball book and Magnatiles...as you saw, all presents were and will continue to be thoroughly enjoyed. Half the class is sneezing or dealing with a runny nose including the birthday boy. No fevers detected and energy level is not compromised. Let’s hope it’s just a change in weather minor cold/cough round and we all get past it. Meanwhile...Happy Birthday again, Oliver! See you all tomorrow. 






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