Welcome Meera!

A warm welcome to Meera and her family from all of us at Avid Kids Circle. At close to 16 months, Meera is now our littlest one. While at the tearful stage, I am sure, like her peers she will slowly acclimatize and get comfortable in her new classroom and second home. She is currently a half-day student and will expand to full day as she settles and grows. Mom Minal and Dad Neeral will slowly but surely see Meera take strides as she gets over her transitional anxiety and settles and familiarizes herself with our routines. As with all little ones, her first learning will be to get comfortable being by herself, exploring and watching the activities around her. I am sure there is much we will learn about Meera and likewise she will learn at Avid Kids Circle. The shelf of puzzles in the quiet room is a corner Meera has taken to and she also likes to sit on the step stool in the bathroom :) It’s interesting what places a child picks. Welcome Beladia family...we look forward to our partnership!  






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