Happy Halloween!

Teacher Vrinda hopes all the kids enjoyed trick or treating with friends tonight. Hopefully most of the candy has been banked and only a few withdrawn for enjoyment. It was a fun day filled with photo captures for the memory banks. Much playing, dancing and eating occurred too. Mashed potatoes were a hit. Teacher Vasu entertained as Old Mc Donald farmer with Teacher Vrinda as the cow on his farm. Teacher Barbora joined in as a good singing witch! Seeing the children dressed up was the highlight. Hope you all enjoyed their captures...Teacher Vrinda enjoyed taking them. We hope to have each child learn to enjoy these festivals spiritedly. We know it can be overwhelming and are here to support them and help them get comfortable dressing up. The older kIds thought of their trick to get a treat at the end of the day. Another festival passed and each day we move closer towards the end of the year! Get ready to welcome November tomorrow! Reminder that Monday, November 11 break is coming up soon. 






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