Happy 3rd Birthday, Katherine!

Key Reminders: 1. Monday, Oct 14 is a school day off for Columbus Day. It has been on the calendar but reminding here and via Brightwheel. 2. While there is talk of PG&E shutting power across Wednesday/Thursday, my understanding is that it’s parts of Redwood City west of 280. We are not supposed to be impacted so the plan is business as usual. Even if we do get impacted, given current weather, we should be fine for being indoors and food-wise, we are covered. Internet connectivity will be lost but hopefully cellular data connectivity will be up. Have backup battery for phones and do charge those electric cars! Now to happy and special occasions. Happy Happy 3rd Birthday to Katherine and many congratulations to the Lu family on this next milestone. It was a fun day at Avid Kids Circle as we prepared and celebrated Katherine’s 3rd birthday, the last of our October birthdays. We will take a pause until November! As is our tradition, the birthday girl chooses the cake flavor and the cake pan shape. Katherine chose a Red Velvet Thomas The Tank Engine cake. Teacher Vrinda is always intrigued by the choice of flavor and shape that the birthday kid makes. One never knows what they will pick :) Much singing happened across the day and Katherine made sure each child coming in was reminded it is her birthday and thus she needed to be wished. We hope she goes to sleep happy with all the wishes/celebrations...we know she will be high on cake! While Katherine has been at school just 9 months having joined in January, 2019, Teacher Vrinda feels like she has always been at school given she has been visiting in her infant car seat forever. Katherine keeps us entertained daily, takes the work very seriously even nurturing her little friends :) We look forward to more fun milestones with her. Katherine plans to share her classroom gifts soon...they are on their way and we look forward to opening them together! Thank you mom-dad for remembering the new tradition of gifting a book/activity for the children to enjoy together multiple times rather than an individual back present for each child. Teacher Vrinda is trying to wean them off individual presents/balloons at school birthdays...children have so much these days, sharing and joint class present has more value. Have a fun evening, Katherine! Until tomorrow. 






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