Happy 3rd Birthday, Ridhi!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ridhi and many congratulations to the family especially mom (Akhila) and dad (Ajit)! As is our tradition, the birthday girl chose the cake flavor and the cake pan shape. Ridhi chose a strawberry football cake! Interestingly her buddy Shlok had chosen the same cake pan which Teacher Vrinda found an interesting coincidence or like-mindedness. The cake once cut was enjoyed. Much singing happened across the day as you will notice. There was a surprise visitor in Anushka whose company the birthday girl and the class enjoyed for the day. The classroom was gifted a fun carnival set from the classroom wishlist which was enjoyed while waiting for daddy to arrive. I am sure the ring toss and bean bag throws/catches will be enjoyed for outdoor play options. Thank you mom-dad for remembering the addition of this new tradition of gifting a book/activity for the children to enjoy together multiple times rather than an individual back present for each child. The balloons or ‘ball’ as Oliver called them to take back added much excitement.

Happy Birthday again, Ridhi! Until tomorrow and then the next birthday.






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