KIT, TWMA Shlok!

We work so hard to teach children to talk and then they learn the acronym/shorthand language when they grow :) So in Shlok’s future language to be, KIT (keep in touch), TWMA (till we meet again)! 

Shlok is his young mind does understand he is moving to India, has kept it together as he has seen his things being taken by ‘Uncle’ and watched his home get packed. It is not easy to move so Shlok-Saloni-Abhishek, our kudos to you for taking the changes with your warm smiling selves. We know this has been tough on all of you but we are sure the next phase of life will be enjoyable in its own way. May many fun moments and only good things come your way. It was an enjoyable day for the kids but a sad one for us teachers especially Teacher Vrinda and her family including her parents back in India . Teacher Vrinda still remembers her dad (Teacher Nana) coming on walks just to hold Shlok’s hand or give him a lift when he got tired. What a long way we have come since then...from walking to listening to talking to playing to socializing and working! 15+ months when a child is just ready to walk to 2 years has now become Teacher Vrinda’s favorite age/ is a very impactful time in a child’s life. After Shlok, many have joined at the 15+ months...he made his way in and showed that Avid Kids Circle should accept 15+ month old kids, not wait for 18+ months :) To see Shlok eating on his own, singing, having fun and being silly despite all the instructions to ‘listen’ and ‘behave’ are moments we will all miss. He was the first boy to join Avid Kids Circle and he held his own among all the gals despite being the youngest. A common conversation with Shlok in the last few months... Teacher Vrinda: Shlok, no crying (dramatics!) I am not going to listen because you are not listening. And then some consequence like today it was “I don’t think you can party” Shlok: I stopped, I am not crying, Teacher Vrinda. I am listening. And you bet the ‘whining’ face is all cleared and the ‘listening’ face comes on. Parting message for Shlok is, “Keep will help you get where you want”. Lastly, as shared “Enjoy Everyday, Smile and Be You!”. 

A very big thank you to all of you who made it for the party this evening despite our very hectic lives. It was special to hang out with Aria, Alexandra, Avni and Vani...our happy and well settled alumni and also Anushka. The thoughtfulness and community spirit of current and alum parents was very much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend.





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