Shlok’s Goodbye/Meet Alumni Party - Fri, Sept 27th@5:00 PM

 It is hard to believe that we are heading towards the end of September already! Time has a way of flying by. Next week is the last one with Shlok sadly. In his words “I am going to India with my mommy and daddy”. As shared, please do join us for a community gathering on Friday, Sept 27th@5:00 pm at the graduation park over snacks to big goodbye to the Phutela-Tandon family. They head to India on Oct 10th. We will also be joined by our alumni families who are looking forward to meeting too! Teacher Vrinda also wants to remind everybody to plan for Monday, October 14 which is Columbus Day off. Art with Teacher Deepti has been added to the classroom in the month of September. It is certainly being enjoyed from the 2 classes held so far. Art and mindfulness are both ways to calm and express oneself positively so it is great to have a unified teacher for both. We are all overjoyed that Nathan is now walking independently in his 3rd week with us. He is very well settled and is loving all the encouragement he is getting from his friends as he started to walk independently by mid-week. Nothing like our rigorous outdoor time and park walks to get agility going. It was a cute moment today when Kenzie and Aanya both walked to hold Nathan’s hand to line up and head back to the school house from the park. They both felt very ‘grown up’ like ‘big sisters’. Love these little moments that elicit a smile for the developing bonds.

Have a wonderful weekend!





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