Welcome Nathan and Naina!

Today started the journey of our next two students Nathan Lu (17+ months) and Naina Sreenath (3+ years). A warm welcome to Nathan, Naina and their parents Connie-Wei (Nathan’s mom-dad) and Dhanya-Sreenath (Naina’s mom-dad) from the entire Avid Kids Circle community. While their morning started with tears, the day did not end with tears. They were happy to head home with some smiles/talk which is a great place to start. It takes children time to adjust to stepping out from the known four walls called home and expand to trust the school house. They will both make the journeys with our joint support. On day 1, both children played well, ate well and Naina was spied joining in some plays with like aged children. For the parents, hang in tight and know that the tears will be history in due time. Just as we cannot learn to swim by dipping our feet in the water, the children need to be at school on all weekdays to build on their new relationships and surroundings. Teacher Vrinda is often asked if the children could visit 3 or 4 days of the week but the consistency of all 5 days, the time spent along with a defined group of playmates makes a significant difference in developing associations and ultimately their learning and growth. Chu-Chu, Nathan and Naina are aboard! Teacher Vrinda 






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