Updates and Reminders

Reminder: Monday, Sept 2 Labor Day is a school day off There is much to share. 1. It has been busy 2 weeks where we have reoriented ourselves to the altered classroom population and related dynamics. The kids have acclimatized, new bonds and play mates are emerging/crystallizing. We also hosted our 2 student additions for September in this period. There were positive moments seen with the new comers despite the tears which is always heartening to watch. I am sure the stretches and changes this semester will be behind us as the kids continue to roll and grow. 2. September is sadly Shlok’s last month with us before he moves with mom-dad to India. Please join us on Friday, Sept 27@5:00 pm for a farewell gathering for Shlok, Saloni (mom) and Abhishek (dad). The alumni families will also be invited so we get a chance to catch-up with them too. The venue will be the same as for graduation. A young 15+ month old girl Meera is enrolled to join us by end of October in place of Shlok. 3. 2019-2020 Calendar has been fully updated online (https://www.avidkidscircle.com/calendar). Please review and align with personal and work calendars...overall policy remains at 11 holidays, 5 flex days and 2-week summer/winter vacations. Key changes are: * Wednesday before Thanksgiving added as a day off...similar to public school, get a headstart on your travel or allow for a little extra family time. * Instead of 2 individual days off one in March and one in April during prior years, 2-day Spring break has been created. Parents, please make time and detox! * 2 Flex Days are set in June, 2020 since that is when the school house will be celebrating college graduation of Teacher Vrinda’s older son, Avi. * 3 Flex Days off in August is TBD since at this time Teacher Vrinda can’t predict Avi’s college landing/drop off time. 4. Family Directory has been updated for the 2019-2020 class of 12 on the website. Additionally, Alumni Directory has also been added. Both are available under the password protected ‘Parents’ section. 5. A ‘Meet Our Staff’ page is in progress and will be added to the website. We hope you are all enjoying the Labor Day weekend. Tuesday and the coming week will be a busy one as Nathan and Naina become students and no longer visitors at Avid Kids Circle. 

See you all soon!






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