Till We Meet Again, Anushka!

It was Anushka’s last day with us here at Avid Kids Circle. We have all enjoyed our time together in these last 2 months of summer. It is time for her to get back to her academic year at Stratford School. Anushka has grown to pick her work choices, indulge in puzzles, coloring art, write her name and most of all enjoyed playing with her summer school friends. She settled in well socially and endeared herself to all here. We wish her happy learning times ahead. Tody was also a day that Nathan spent a half-day at school independently. He did well and shows readiness to be at school starting September. He will be spending half-days in September and expanding to full day in October. On the subject of goodbyes, there is another goodbye that we will need to say. Shlok and his family have to move back to India. While the decision is never an easy one to make or execute, we are really saddened that we have to loose a dear friend who has grown up in front of us from 15 months of age. As an infant Shlok was diligent and as a toddler, he is full of mischief and entertainment. We have until early October to continue to enjoy our time together. A separate note with a goodbye party date will be shared closer to time. Parents may have noticed some alterations to the class schedule and some earlier times being followed to eat and sleep. This is to support our new comers and also allow our new seniors to get more playtimes together to bond especially in the early evening post snack. We will slowly stretch back as the classroom ages. Have a wonderful weekend and as always, we are all here to support all our students. 






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