Welcome aboard, Aviraj!

A warm welcome to Aviraj and his parents Neha (Mom) - Raju (Dad) from all of us at Avid Kids Circle. Aviraj’s first full day went well, it was happy and tearfree. We are glad for that and look forward to more of the same. Aviraj is quiet yet social, curious and understands rules. We are sure that by the end of this week, he will be well assimilated in the classroom and have greater familiarity with the routines. 

The classroom felt quieter without our chirpy graduates who being the oldest were the most vocal and active. I am sure as this crew ages and the new students settle in, we will be enforcing volume control again! The highlight of today was the migration of many to the ‘big’ kids table for snack and lunch. A big ‘yay’ was vocalized for that :) In other news, this is Anushka’s last summer week at Avid Kids Circle. She will be returning to Stratford School for the academic year. We will continue to enjoy time with her for the remainder of this week and will certainly miss her. Next we will be assimilating 2 more kids into the program, Nathan who is the same age as Parry and Naina who is a 3+ years old girl. They will both start school after the Labor Day Weekend. A batch of kids graduated while others continue being baked. Looking forward to merriment alongside education!






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