Graduation Day Tomorrow -Friday, August 16@5:00 pm

As does every week, this one has flown by too and it brings us to the much awaited Graduation Day for our Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten graduates Aria, Alexandra, Avni and Vani. The week was filled with many activities that allowed the graduates to collaborate and play with friends before we say goodbye like making pizza dough, lego structures, pirate ships n playing castles/kitchen, coloring or dessert baking tomorrow. The children have enjoyed the week together and that is the goal! The group picture was taken today on the request of the graduates. “Teacher Vrinda, please take our picture...Cheese :)” A capture of just the graduates was also taken by Teacher Vrinda since climbing the rungs was a “grown” kids activity. Graduation Location: Park next to 1013 Rockport Ave, Redwood City, CA 95065 Parking: Please park in the parking lot at the left end of Radio Road, Redwood City right across from the park. We look forward to having all of you join us for light snacks to celebrate together tomorrow@5:00 pm





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