Congratulations 2019 Graduates!

It seems like yesterday when Avid Kids Circle/Teacher Vrinda’s Home opened its doors to young children and families. As Teacher Vrinda is often heard relating, she never wanted to have a empty house as her oldest child got ready to start high school. The dearest wish to work with little children and to program humans vs machines took life in the form of Avid Kids Circle. Today we send our first batch of programmed humans and we hope we have coded them to be effortful, mindful and most of all spirited to enjoy their one life! At the crux of Avid Kids Circle remain the 3 key principles which you likely read when you visited our website as prospective parents: Life is about journeys not destinations Life is about effort not just rewards Life is about cherishing and nourishing our unique being Whether it is baking cakes or cookies vs buying, having kids eat as many home-cooked foods along with watching some foods being cooked, walking/riding to parks in our community or making our own park, talking, vocalizing, getting lessons in music, mindfulness, Spanish language, adding new materials constantly, the intent is to put in a lot of effort creating experiences that will help children get exposures and grow multi-dimensionally. Spending 8-9.5 hours at school minus any form of electronics but with good old-fashioned sensory experiences is the journey our graduates have taken and grown with. As their peers continue the journey, the parting message for parents is to continue to support the children, please cook with them to appreciate and enjoy fruits of labor, give them chores, let them fall and learn to be safe, do not baby them, take them on trips so they can see the world, have them spend time with family and yes, they press our buttons sometimes but do the best to be respectful with them and expect the same. The video today of Parry trying to lay a mat is a classic example of what a young child is capable of...let’s not stop them from making the efforts. Our best wishes will always be with Aria, Alexandra, Avni and Vani. Hope the daily photographs/videos of your time at Avid Kids Circle will always remind you of this phase of life. May all days be fun-filled as you continue to charge ahead in years. For the rest, we look forward to seeing you on Monday. Time to welcome Aviraj and Oliver. 





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