Bye Raisa, 1-week to Graduation!

The day felt like any other day and there were moments where Raisa would say, I can come tomorrow and do the puzzle/work but we reminded each other that tomorrow Raisa will be flying off for Boston to meet Mommy and visit her new home. All the very best Nitin-Sanika from all of us again...enjoy being New Englanders for a little bit :) We are all glad to have had this extra time with Raisa. Our new student Parry completed a full week with us today and he has adapted very well to his new preschool. He was waving bye as he left today and the morning cries outside the door have stemmed too. Parry participated in the longest park walk today to the Blue Park easily distracted with the singing enroute. Cheers to this achievement...Parry you are very much an Avid Kid :) The count down to next Friday has begun in earnest. Next week will be spent by the graduates making their graduation bracelets/bands and graduation cards. Please plan to attend the summer family gathering and graduation ceremony next Friday@5:00 pm. We will celebrate at the New Park next to Radio Road. Do let Teacher Vrinda know if you will be unable to attend the get together next Friday. 





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