Welcome, Parry!

A warm welcome to Parry and the Lou family from all of us at Avid Kids Circle. Parry is our youngest 15+ month old full day student from day 1 and he certainly had a good day considering a new school, friends, teachers, food and activities. While there were transitional tears during the day, he was observant, had his moments of engagement, was reached out to by the children, slept and played well once he settled into each phase! Oliver who will return on August 19 will find his baby status is to be shared :)

I am sure as the days go by and familiarity builds, Parry will enjoy the company of his pre-school friends and be entrenched in the program like his peers. We are all looking forward to coming to know him better.

One more addition done, 3 more to go towards a younger classroom of 7 girls and 5 boys! As Aria, Raisa, Alexandra, Avni and Vani move closer to become graduates/alumni, Laasya, Ria, Mackenzie, Katherine, Ridhi, Aanya and Shlok will be our rising seniors with 7+ months-1+ year experience!

To continuing fun....






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