Sandbox, yeah!

The sand was added into the new sandbox and it was inaugurated with much excitement during evening play! Another incentive to eat quickly and head out to play with the kitchen/sandbox.

Few updates as we head into August and closer to Kindergarten graduation and transitions.

1. This is Raisa’s final week with us. It has been nice to extend her stay. She is excited and looks forward to Boston. She will be with us until this Friday, August 2.

2. Graduation is on Friday, August 16@5:00 pm in the new park...same place we had Teacher Appreciation Party.

3. Aria is taking a break in LA starting this week. She will resume school on Thursday, August 15 before graduation day. Sharing in case you are asked/hear.

4. Parry, a new 17+ months boy will be starting school this Thursday, August 1 as a full time student. 

5. Aviraj, a new 2+ years boy will be starting school, Monday, August 19 as a full time student. Oliver has been on a vacation post July 19th and will resume school on Monday, August 19 too.

6. Anushka, our summer-only student will be with us until Friday, August 23 and then resume

Stratford School from Monday, August 26.

7. Naina, a 3+ years girl will be starting school as a full time student post Labor Day weekend in September. Nathan, a new 17+ months boy will also be starting school post Labor Day weekend as a part time student and expanding to full time in October.

Hard to believe summer is starting to wrap up as we step into August and get ready for the student transitions. We look forward to enjoying this current classroom before it is time to say goodbye to some friends. 





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