Congratulations, Raisa/Nayyar Family!

Thank you all for joining in to congratulate Raisa for her graduation and also to bid a fond farewell to Nayyar family as they make way for Boston. It is lovely to host the community gatherings and socialize beyond the school drop-offs and pickups. Nitin-Sanika, while we had the farewell/graduation party, you all will always be part of Avid Kids Circle community and thought about. Do take a moment to congratulate each other for raising the little baby girl to be a lovely young lady who is social, thoughtful and full of life. Thank you most of all for deciding to enroll and be part of our initial circle of 5 kids. It has been a little journey to bring Avid Kids Circle to life. Raisa and each of you has been integral to it. Our well wishes, smiles and cheers will always be there for Raisa and all of you as you cross many many more happy milestones. May she pass each with the powers she strong, listen to your heart, smile and love! How’s that for a little lifelong philosophy for all of us from our 5-year old :) Have a wonderful weekend. The rest of the crew minus “The Graduate” needs to report to base on Monday! 





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