Back to School!

It is time to say goodbye to another break and hello to school again! The 2 weeks flew by and Teacher Vrinda hopes each family and kid along with staff members enjoyed some extended family time together. The time away from the daily scheduled living are so critical to fill our memory banks with fun and excitement. These are lasting memories for each of us. As you can see Teacher Vrinda was in New England area and enjoyed learning American history at Old Sturbridge Village including viewing actual old guns and cannon being fired by the Militia Men. The classroom is almost ready for the children and while the break was great, Teacher Vrinda eagerly awaits the Monday morning bells that will fill the school house with children again. As always, new Montessori and play materials have been added in so even classroom times remain fun-filled and exciting. A reminder to all that tuition dues for July and onwards are applicable with the 2019-2020 fee updates shared and due latest by Monday, July 8. For those who mailed in the tuition checks, thank you very much except for a minor kink, an update is needed to the new fee value. Please do make it for August checks in your bank’s auto-pay system and the applicable incremental for July can be paid with another check. During summer months, extended capacity usage of 13 (12 preschoolers + 1 student over age 5 and enrolled in Kindergarten) will be used to accommodate for unanticipated/altered summer needs for some families. A summer-only 3-year old girl student Anushka was accepted prior to need changes requiring the use of the allowed extended capacity. Parry, one of our enrolled infant preschooler will also be starting his journey with us from August. Staffing-wise, it will be Teacher Vrinda and Vlada primarily in July. Teacher Deepti and Vasu will be within the Circle by mid-July while Teacher Olivia will be back by July 24. Teacher Barbora will resume by mid-August. See you all on Monday. 





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