Happy Summer Vacation, Au Revoir!

It was a fun filled day as we winded down for our 2-week summer vacation. The children played with as many things as they could, we biked/scootered/triked/walked to play outdoors like we won’t be for a little bit. The children were spirited and enjoyed fully. Teachers will all take a little break to rejuvenate before we are back in the classroom for the next academic year. We teachers love what we do and are already looking forward to listen to the children share all the fun they are sure to have over summer break. A change of pace and experiences is needed to break away from monotony and schedules! Today was also bittersweet since it was the last afternoon that we spent with Raisa at school. The kindergarten trio played with puzzles and worked alongside and then we had a fun dancing session since Raisa loves it so very much. Teacher Vrinda absorbed all the energy, grateful for the time together with the Nayyar family especially Raisa. We took pictures of the children together to mark the day and remember the group. The afternoons of working with Raisa and answering her many questions will be missed especially “Is it snack time, Teacher Vrinda?” or “Can I eat snack now?” or “When will everybody wake up for snack?” all after a few minutes of working post lunch :) Raisa is vivacious, thoughtful and full of life. She approaches life with “Fine!”. We look forward to Raisa’s graduation and goodbye party on July 9th@5:00 pm. Have a wonderful vacation everybody. Make each day count. Before we know it, it will be Monday, July 8th! 






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