Summer Break Starts Fri, June 21

The year has flown away as have the last 5+ months since the winter break. It is almost time to recharge, get some extra family time and travel before we come back on Monday, July 8 to kick off a new school year. Each child has grown a lot, even little Oliver who is trying very hard to talk and express. Most of all Teacher Vrinda believes we have tried to enjoy each day which is critical. The plan for the last 3 days of this school year is to continue visiting a new park each day, enjoy meals together and yes singing or dancing...making merry. We have all worked hard and watching our soon to be graduates sure puts a smile on the face. We talked about the upcoming summer vacation in the classroom and the kids are looking forward to travel, spend extra family time, be with grandparents and also at home. Just being at home is precious to them given they do not spend as many waking hours there! All of us teachers appreciate the vacation so thank you for it. See you all tomorrow! 





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