Happy Father’s Day

A Very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in our school community. The children had fun thinking of their dads as they made one or more projects for them. In art the older preschoolers glued and created a collage of pictures. Teacher Vlada cut the pictures from print media and the children had to pick the ones that made them think of their dads...things they like to do or would like to do with their dads. Enjoy the pictures picked by your children. Some of the younger preschoolers in parallel had fun painting a picture for you. In another session, the older children chose to create bookmarks or something to hang in dad’s car while the younger ones decorated crowns with stick-ons. As always, we make a food item to celebrate. Please enjoy the peach-ginger muffins lovingly made for dads as a thank you for all that you do. It was a fun day and week otherwise. Summer sure is making things crawl out. Today we caught a snail slowly crossing the bike path which was so cool to watch. Teacher Vrinda loves watching kids make up there own play to entertain themselves even when in a simple lawn like the Duck-Duck-Goose Park. Enjoy watching the little ones play on the stump with Manager Ria while the older ones made a nest with pine cones or needles. Reminder to all about a goodbye party for the Nayyar family and graduation for Raisa on Wednesday, June 19@5:00 pm.






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