Happy 5th Birthday, Alexandra!!

It was a fun filled day as we rung in Alexandra’s 5th Birthday here at Avid Kids Circle. She had just turned 3 years old when she joined, little older than Katherine is currently...how these 2 years have flown. From potty-training herself within a month to learning her sounds, numbers, animals, states, countries, tricycling, biking, scootering, you name it, Alexandra has grown and sponged up every detail or skill shared. Teacher Vrinda still recalls Little Alexandra vividly....shy and fearful of loud sounds or even watching somebody cry. She was our enrollee #1 and student #2. In time Alexandra learnt the value of garbage trucks, gardeners, leaf blowers, or that the person crying is all right. Gentle natured yet competitive, quiet yet decisive is our Alexandra. It really has been a pleasure to have her in our classroom and to see her blossom. When it came to her birthday cake, Alexandra chose chocolate brownie cake shaped like a bear’s paw. Cool choice...the cake was enjoyed by all. Many many congratulations to Sam-Charmaigne-Katherine and the extended family for this 5th milestone. Until tomorrow. Heads up....please do mark your calendars for a community get together on Wednesday, June 19th@5:00 pm to bid adieu to the Nayyar family and also do a short graduation ceremony for Raisa. 






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