Boy has it been a hot weekend and soaring temperatures continue...waiting for the natural air conditioning to kick in! Despite the heat, we did step out in the morning though we spent most time intentionally in the shade of the Gazebo. The kids sure understand ‘hot’ temperature now and it means feeling wet with sweat :) Despite the weather, much fun was had learning Cotton-Eye Joe, YMCA and Macarena steps.

Reminder to all that we are approaching summer break. Last school day for this year is Thursday, June 20th. Summer break starts with Friday, June 21 as Flex Day followed by 2-week vacation. School will resume on Monday, July 8.

All of you maybe aware that the Nayyar family is moving to Boston for Sanika’s continuing studies. Raisa will not return back in July as anticipated. Teacher Vrinda is hoping to host a gathering next Wednesday/Thursday@5:00 pm in the Gazebo Park close to the school house to wish them well prior to the move! Please do indicate if you can join on either day.

We had a parent family visit last week during the evening if you recall. They have decided to enroll their 3 year old daughter. I will finalize start dates/paperwork but this means that our fall class will be 7 girls and 5 boys...greater gender balance for sure.

More immediately, it is time for our next birthday which will be celebrated this Wednesday. We are excited for Alexandra who will turn 5.

Until tomorrow!





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