Happy 3rd Birthday, Kenzie!

A Very Very Happy 3rd Birthday to Kenzie and many congratulations to the Abrari family on this next milestone. Kenzie joined us at 19 months and it is a pleasure to see her grow to 2 and now 3 years of age! Teacher Vrinda along with the whole circle of friends looks forward to more milestones, plays and eats together. Kenzie chose a spiral flower (Marissa) chocolate bundt cake. Given we had cupcakes too, we will spread out bundt cake enjoyment during morning snack tomorrow! Please check your child’s goody bag for cup cake leftovers if any were there. We try not to waste. It has been a fun few days celebrating Memorial Day and then the birthdays. It’s time to take a little break and get back to our usual routine for the rest of May and early June. Before we know, it will be time for Alexandra’s 5th Birthday!! Until tomorrow... 






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