Happy 4th Birthday Laasya!

A Very Very Happy 4th Birthday to Laasya and congratulations to the Ratnam family on this milestone. Laasya shares a birthday with her parents wedding anniversary...could there ever be a better wedding present :)

The day was enjoyed by all especially Laasya as you can see from the captures. She came in along with her friends and quickly declared “The only work today is to bake a cake, right Teacher Vrinda!” The small tradition of picking a birthday cake flavor, color, pan and cooking together brings so much joy and loads of laughter. The birthday girl chose a White Castle Shaped Cake with Vanilla flavor and Sprinkles.

We are in another birthday hatrick round. It was Kenzie’s birthday on Sunday 26th, Teacher Olivia’s on Monday, 27th/Memorial Day and today on 28th is Laasya’s. We will be celebrating Kenzie’s birthday tomorrow at school so be prepared for another party tomorrow and sweet eating! Since the intent is for the kids to enjoy, the rest of us adults have to allow it.

So Happy Happy Birthday again Laasya and onto the next one for Kenzie tomorrow!






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