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It is hard to believe that we are ready to wrap up May and welcome summer. Weeks just fly by when one is having fun! Despite rains, we sure have been enjoying ourselves by dancing and playing in the Gazebo :) Reminder about coming weekend being a long one with Monday, May 27 off for Memorial Day. Next up is the summer break that starts on Friday, June 21 which is a flex day off followed by 2-week summer break from Monday, June 24 until Friday, July 5. All-school parent social and 1st graduation celebration is set for Friday, August 16@5:00 pm. This will be the last day of school for our 5 graduating circle members - Aria (K), Raisa (K), Alexandra (K), Avni (TK) and Vani (TK). Please come by to meet, celebrate summer and wish our graduating kids and families as they move on to Elementary School. New families will also be joining us for this. I will share 2019-2020 school year contracts and updated tuition schedule to all families this weekend so you can fill in and return by Friday, May 30th. Please make sure at least 1 family member is part of since I will be using that to communicate. Monthly tuition will go up by $100 to $1650 to cover for the weekly Music, Mindfulness and Spanish language classes added in the 2018-2019 academic year. All else like lunch/diaper/extra-care fees will remain the same. I will work on DRDP reports next for all kids and hope to have the DRDP reports completed pre-summer break. We can have a followup conference should you wish once you receive the report via email. Anushka, a 3.5 year old from the neighborhood will be joining us full time from July 8-August 31 for summer-only. Finally, you may have noted that I am not sending daily blogs. Based on blog insights learnt over the entire year, I find blog readership at 2-3. In the interest of not spamming you with excess notes I felt that it’s best to write blogs for noteworthy events. As always Teacher Vrinda is here to receive feedback. The children are all doing well. Our youngest are taking independence leaps while our oldest are ready for Elementary School. Teacher Vrinda keeps thinking of further improvements. Teacher Vlada and Olivia along with Teacher Deepti are all well know to the kids and have each helped in improving this program with their experience. Until tomorrow! 





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