Happy Cinco De Mayo

It was a fun day for those at school. We learnt about and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with an attempt to make our own simplified sombrero. The project was proposed by Vidur for the kids and it certainly was a good one. The older kids patiently pin-poked the circles for their hats before they could glue and decorate them. The younger ones were helped on pin-poking. The older kids also colored the flag of Mexico and learnt that it has an eagle eating a snake while sitting on a cacti. Vidur made quesadilla for lunch...his favorite food. The boys were home today since it was a professional day off for them.

All in all, a fun day further enhanced due to more classroom changes, additions and materials. The kids are quite excited and overjoyed about all the new play materials including another play table so we can have 2 big puzzles being worked on in parallel. As always come in to check out the updates, your child will be happy to show you around.

See you all tomorrow.






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