And Here’s May

Hard to believe we are already in the 5th month for the year and last month of spring season. Before we know it it will be summer which Teacher Vrinda isn’t looking forward to as much given we will need to say goodbye to our graduates by mid-August. For now, please reserve Friday, August 16 evening for a summer circle gathering and also our first graduation.

We decided to enjoy the beautiful day and weather at our new park and then outside time in the evening too.

The only blip was Vani coming up with a stomach flu yesterday. Thank you all for checking on her. All the kids were concerned for her given there were multiple throwups. She was quarantined after the first one and the areas were cleaned well and sanitized. Teacher Vrinda is glad none of the other children have shown the same symptoms. Per dad’s updates, Vani has had a throwup free day. We hope to see her tomorrow. Please do keep an eye on the other kids for any flu symptoms. Wishing all strong health.

See you all tomorrow.





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