Happy 5th Birthday, Raisa!

Our congratulations to the Nayyar family for Raisa’s 5th Birthday. Raisa had turned 3 when she joined Avid Kids Circle and 2 years have nearly flown by. The smile, cheerfulness and happy spirits have remained which are priceless.  The little girl has grown to learn so many skills especially independence in dressing, feeding, expressing and being oneself. She is looking forward to kindergarten. While we don’t see Raisa in the mornings, she is very dear to everybody here, peers or younger kids. This was her last Birthday at Avid and so we wish her eternal happiness, chatter and color. Stay thoughtful and people loving.

Friends woke up a little early to bake the cake. We had to go outside to mix so as to spare the sleeping kids. We made 12 egg-shaped cakes that were strawberry flavored since pink is favored. The cake tin collections continues to grow and the eggs collected many wows. Amidst many balloons, the cake cutting happened with cheers and laughter. This was the last of our April birthdays. The crew has started the countdown for May and eagerly awaits the next 2 birthdays in May.

Until tomorrow.






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