Happy 2nd Birthday, Shlok!

Heartiest congratulations to the Phutela-Tandon family for Shlok’s 2nd milestone, 2 down and we wish there will be many many many more to go! Each child here at Avid Kids Circle is special and we try to make them feel so on their birthday. Shlok is very aware at 2, playful yet focused, expressive and full of life. He will always be our first boy Circle member and he has held his own from the youngest of age. We wish him every joy and verve. All his friends were looking forward to the celebration and they had a blast tooting in their caps, eating cake, Chex mix along with some juice. Enjoy captures from the day.

The upshot of April Birthday Fest is that our older children have nearly memorized the spelling for Happy Birthday :) They have had enough practice and have one more chance tomorrow since we will be celebrating Raisa’s birthday...the last of April birthdays. The May birthday kids and June too have started their countdown. Katherine our October birthday member wishes dearly that October would come soon :) She sweetly asked...will you read the Happy Birthday book for me and make cake too? Glad the children are learning traditions.

The upgraded classroom met with approval and some upgrades are still due in the form of organizer shelves and materials. Once the birthdays are over, the children will get more chance to use the new materials added...many can be spied in use today. 

Until tomorrow. Time to gather energy for another party day...we take our parties seriously :)






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