Happy 2nd Birthday, Aanya!

A very happy 2nd Birthday to Aanya and our congratulations to the Paliwal family for this milestone. It is cool when the birthday toddler knows her birthday and has been tracking ‘Aanya Birthday April 17’ :) Each child puts a unique spin on the birthday cake. Aanya wished for a green cake and chose for it to be a bunny. Nice pick, Missy. We wish that the rest of the day and year continues to be fun-filled. We have two more birthday celebrations next week, Monday for Shlok and Tuesday/Wednesday for Raisa. Teacher Vlada shares a birthday with Shlok and we will add her into the mix too. Today was special also because we had some solid fun outdoors besides indoors. We saw baby geese which is always amazing. Spring bounty...soon they will be seen swimming in the water! The older kids also decided to bike/scooter up lookout point. While Teacher Vrinda did not think the bikers will make their way up, they beat expectations and did! The feat was repeated a few times. Please do lookout for some sore legs! The trip down was controlled for safety with stop/go and the kids followed instructions. We have a new activity defined. If there was a biking, scooter, running, walking competition for preschoolers, Avid Kids Circle would sure be there with our team. Teacher Vrinda is so glad to be supporting kids enjoying the outdoors, having fun just being kids. See you all tomorrow. 






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