Summer Planning

We had a nice warm day and it’s a reminder that summer and our 2-week summer break is not that far. Please do start to plan for it. 

The 2-week summer holiday will be from Friday, June 21 (flex day) to Sunday, July 7. School will resume on Monday, July 8. The only other holiday between now and summer break will be the 3-day Memorial Day weekend.

Could the graduating families also confirm their last school day. Teacher Vrinda’s thought is to keep Friday, August 16 for the graduation and our summer party. This would be the last day of school for the graduates and they get Monday/Tuesday off as a mini break before starting kindergarten on Wednesday, August 21.

Vidur (Teacher Vrinda’s younger son) will be spied in the classroom and outdoors as needed since he is off on spring break for 2-weeks and this way, some of his time will be constructively occupied and vigiled :)

Until tomorrow.





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