Productive Long Weekend

It was a very busy long weekend and Monday was an administrative day. It was a day for Teacher Vrinda to get her dental, physical and child conferences and also meet with a fellow Director Mentor.

Through the mentor Director, the Monday-Wednesday mornings Teacher was identified. She is an older experienced preschool teacher named Olivia or Olive for short. Teacher Olive spent today morning from 10:15 am - 1:15 pm in the classroom, is already fingerprinted and cleared to work right away. She will also spend tomorrow morning to continue acquainting herself. Overtime everybody will meet with her.

Thank you all for parking on the driveway and parking cutouts since that is the key feedback from neighbor conversation/followup as we complete a year of higher capacity license and have got a full house of children. Please be slow when driving in and out of our street and try not to block the narrow roadway. The residents and neighbors on the street likewise are careful when the children are out and about.

Until tomorrow.





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