See you on Tuesday, April 2

Hope the weekend has been going well for all. A reminder that tomorrow, Monday April 1 is a flex day it’s not an April’s Fool Day joke :) Enjoy an extra day of sunshine and spring weather with your children and I look forward to seeing everybody on Tuesday.

The paintings made by the kids on Friday specially our older students were really nice and their own take on “Spring is here” while having fun with paints. Blue park sure was enjoyed by all of us.

Many of you were able to meet Vlada, a local Redwood Shores resident on a confirmation visit to work part time with me and the kids as she balances her local college and interest in working with children. The plan is for her to be with us all day Friday and also Thursday afternoons.

There is one parking related request to be good neighbors. Please use the driveway of the school house to park leaving space for 2 cars to park at a given time or use the parking cutouts in the neighborhood. Please avoid parking on the curbside or block/park near neighbor driveways. Best as much as possible to use the driveway or cutouts.

Until Tuesday!





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