All Clear

The day could not have been busier!

I’ll start with the end of day issue of gas smell percolating in the house towards the tail end of the day. Teacher Vrinda puzzled and certainly appreciated the suggestions from many parents. To ensure safety and root cause, the online suggestion was followed. 911 was called for Fire Department Dispatch. They arrived promptly and confirmed that while gas smell is noted in the lower level esp in the laundry room, there is no CO2 or any other injurious gases. Late evening kids certainly were excited to see the fire engine at the school house :) PG&E Emergency Dispatch identified the leak in the gas line cap in the laundry room. The trigger was a soap bottle falling behind the washer in a way to cause the closed gas valve to move a little slow releasing gas at very nominal pilot amount. The gas line cap for the dryer faulty. The issue was fixed, all gas outlets in the house and outside were tested, cleared and declared safe. Teacher Vrinda is certainly wiser from the experience.

Rain had all kids excited especially when we played outside...water painting with pine cone brushes and playing in the octagon gazebo while watching and feeling rain on our hands is so much fun. Kids just wanted to spend time outdoors even in this wet weather :)

Time to rest. See you all tomorrow.





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