Reminder: Monday, April 1 Flex Day Off

Teacher Vrinda hopes all parents have the next Monday as a day off on their calendars. Time for teacher conferences at high school.

Today, despite being a grey day, the children were super spirited and we had fun playing at the Tree Park which was windier so after playing there for 30 mins, we thought we would go in. The kids instead had no such intentions. Gazebo Park was not windy so it was decided to play there. What ensued was a long singing session both in groups and on one’s own. Enjoy the captures.

We had a good work session and eating session too. Cornmeal polenta cakes worked for all and allowed for easy independent eating. It will be part of the regular menu...nice variant to idlis with corn :)

This week and next week being finals week and spring break week is lean regular staffing wise though we have 2 persons actively always with the children with familial help. Teacher Vrinda is also actively engaged in finding a person to take Teacher Elizabeth’s place who continues to have health issues. Teacher Deepti is unwell so missing tomorrow and spring break week. Teacher Barbora will be off for Spring break week too. Teacher Vasu will be there next week and then more again over summer since that is typically busy when regular staff takes off on longer vacations with family. As always, Teacher Vrinda is keeping on top of this and available for any inputs/feedback.

See you all tomorrow.





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