Happy Holi!

A very very happy Holi to all the families of Avid Kids Circle. May spring fill you with joy and keep your life colorfully fulfilled!

Teacher Barbora and Vrinda enjoyed celebrating Holi via the hand painting art work and then also eating food especially the colorful rice which was quite a hit with the children.

The colorful rice was a dish from memory lane. Teachers Vrinda and Vasu loved eating colorful rice as kids and used to ask Teacher Uma their mom (the dish originator) to make it for them. It was a special occasion rice. It really was a treat to introduce 12 more children to it and watch them get excited about the colors. Life has a way to come full circle :)

A reminder that there is an active plan to play Holi in Foster City on the coming Saturday, March 23 tentatively around noon. It would be awesome to have 100% attendance. Celebrating Holi is unique and all the kids will really enjoy especially with their friends. Please come out and join in. Here is the link again for all:


See you all tomorrow.






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