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Note: Monday, April 1 is the next flex day off

Welcome back from the longer weekend. The full crew is back, rested and ready to go.

Teacher Elizabeth’s health issues continue and Teacher Vrinda is monitoring the status. There is a chance that she may not be able to return near term. While Teacher Barbora and Melanie are covering, Teacher Vrinda is also looking into additional backups. As always, mindfulness and thought applies here too, ensuring staff availabilities are factored in and they have the needed work-study-life balance.

The mindfulness session with Teacher Deepti had some interesting new exercises. Oliver with assistance joined in for some time too. Teacher Deepti’s notes are shared below:

“We started our session by ringing the bell and getting into our mindful bodies.

We had 2 imaginary friends today: Mr. Koala and Mr. Parrot. In case you are wondering, they were our classroom’s stuffed toys :) We had our story enacted today in which Mr. Koala wanted to play Hide and Seek but Mr. Parrot wanted to play Candyland. They both argued and fought but then Mr. Koala figured that playing is about having fun so he became flexible to play Candyland first!

We played tick tock, 1,2,3 clap, elephant breath and the O breath, which became 0 (zero) breath and the circle breath. We are all getting very creative and coming up with different names! We played the opposite games and that was so much fun.

We ended our session by lying down listening to music.

I am very happy to report that my little friends are getting so much better in the sessions. Despite distractions from a peer or two, the remainder stay focused, mindfully listening and following directions! It is very heartening to see them grow to be mindful beings.” 






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