Mindful Monsters, Pirates, Leprechauns

Reminder: Monday, March 18 and April, 1 are flex days off

A beautiful sunny Monday and windy Tuesday are behind us.

We have been talking about St Patrick’s Day coming up on Sunday. We will enjoy some green eats, green wear on Friday. Kids can wear green on more days should they choose. Do help them to pick their Friday outfit.

Despite the windy day, we had fun at the Tree Park.  There is something relaxing and simple about picking sticks and deriving fun creating plays with them. The children decided they were monsters, Pirates and Leprechauns. The net was their hideout and ship.  Teacher Vrinda had fun being chased by the kids.

The lesson with Teacher Deepti today was very much enjoyed whether it was making an A or C, making a wish bubble, putting wishes in it and lifting it up, lying down relaxing, learning about our feelings m, chanting or finding peace within us.

Many enjoyed some shamrock tracing and coloring. And we will do more of that during the week.

March had just begun and in no time we are already in the midst of it. See you all tomorrow.

Go green :)






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