Daylight Savings Resume on Sunday

The highlights this week were:

Oliver joined the circle as a part-day (morning student) and is slowly starting his assimilation. He joined us for outdoor, group and lunch times with mom Magda today and independently Tuesday-Thursday.

Teacher Melanie is unwell so Teacher Barbora joined us on Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 9:30 am - 12:30 pm so we have the extra eyes and hands as Oliver settles in.

Aanya resumed school after her bout of cold from Thursday afternoon and is certainly recovered and well rested. Thank you for the extra restful days at home.

We are glad that we have the full crew back at the school house.

Mindfulness and Music lessons were very fun as always. Children enjoyed focused coloring during art time today with the goal to color inside the lines and pick some fun colors for their chosen prints. Spanish songs and vocabulary continues to blossom. 

Enjoy a restful weekend. See you all on Monday. Yeah to longer days again!!





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